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We don’t need to tell you that a production process is a complex matter. That means you can only produce profitably when you have all the process phases under control, which requires accurate knowledge and information. The right software will streamline and clarify all this information for you. Have a computer do the hard work and save crucial time to produce comfortably, keeping the costs as low as possible.

Flexible planning and controlled production

To successfully manage a complex production process, you need a perfect overview of the entire process. Is the process going as planned? Are adjustments in order? In other words, you need a transparent and flexible planning.

Our software gives you the necessary helicopter view. Using correct figures which are also available faster, you gain new insights and can make flexible adjustments. Even at the last minute!

Information on inventory changes, for instance, is immediately available. In the event of any unpleasant surprises, you are right on top of things, because you have everything under control, from A to Z.

Smooth communication

A smooth communication is a crucial building block of the production process – in two directions. On the one hand, you need to forward the planning quickly and efficiently to the production department. On the other hand, you want to process feedback quickly and efficiently.

Our software enhances the transparency of your planning and allows for a much more efficient communication between the various departments. Figures and results will be available faster and on a broader scale, allowing quick and well-considered planning adjustments, based on feedback from both the production and sales departments.

Manual work neutralised

Manual work consumes time and absorbs the planner’s attention. Less manual work means less errors and significant time savings. Our software automates time-consuming manual work, allowing you, as a planner, to focus entirely on your planning. This results in more efficiency and more satisfied customers.

Processes on rails

Our software records unwritten processes and embeds them in your daily operations, making it easy to consult, evaluate and adjust the ‘bill of material’ or ‘recipe composition’.

In doing so, you, as a planner, keep a finger on the pulse and can quickly and correctly make adjustments, where necessary. This flexibility allows your company to anticipate changing customer needs more quickly and to achieve a competitive advantage.

Optimising the raw materials inventory

Inventory management is an essential part of the production process. You do not want a shortage, but not a surplus either, because both cost your organisation loads of money.

Our ‘component manager’ accurately regulates your raw materials inventory. In addition, it automatically looks for cost-saving alternatives. An optimised raw materials inventory will help you produce at an as low as possible cost.

Proud of our expertise in the chemical industry

Various chemical companies use our software every day to strengthen their market position. Our software makes their production processes and planning more transparent. Furthermore, it speeds up communication with all departments: production, sales and management. As a result, these companies succeed in attracting more customers and in organising their business growth well.

We have successfully rolled out this software package in chemical companies, such as Domo Engineering Plastics and Ducor Petrochemicals.

Why Orbitus?

  • Unique & efficient graphical planning board – crystal clear and simple
  • Full integration between planning, shop-floor and warehouse – data integration at its best.
  • MES & WMS within the same database for maximum return and traceability – all data immediately accessible
  • Real-time return measuring and reporting by means of direct machine link for automatic data capturing – correct and independent data with little effort
  • High-level integration with ERP – close interfacing with SAP
  • More than 10 years of experience within diverse industrial environments

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