ICT Manager


ICT Manager

As an IT manager, you use all your knowledge and vision to continuously improve the stability and speed of the ICT services, thus ensuring optimum working conditions for your co-workers at all times.

Your internal customers expect you to guarantee the continuity of all business-critical processes. However, these processes often rely on numerous isolated applications; it is a constant challenge to keep these up and running.

Do you want to focus on IT again and at the same time pay more attention to the daily operations? Our software package is the right tool to computerise the entire business process at a central location and without any extra efforts.

At home on the work floor

We feel at home on the operational work floor and offer an integrated software package in keeping with today’s IT standards. The interaction with the current ERP system is easy. Our graphically supported and ergonomic programmes also result in a better usage by and higher satisfaction of the end-user.

Our software package allows you to centrally manage all business-critical processes. Transparency, proper documentation and our support enhance your control of the entire business process and enable you to offer end-users an even better service.

Today, our software is already up and running in various production environments, but it will be implemented at your location in accordance with your specific situation. In other words, it is not a take-it-or-leave-it software package. You can influence the configuration yourself and, for instance, write database queries. You are in control.

A reliable partner

Our company and software package are a reliable partner that will help you enhance your control of your business process. You can count on an installation from A to Z, a thorough training and aftersales service.

More control and continuity

Our software package centralises the data flows, so that you, as an ICT manager, can focus on an improved service and internal satisfaction. We guarantee more control through centralisation and integration within the IT environment and thus more continuity in your business processes.

We will gladly convince you of the possibilities of our software during a free demo. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Why Orbitus?

  • Unique & efficient graphical planning board – crystal clear and simple
  • Full integration between planning, shop-floor and warehouse – data integration at its best.
  • MES & WMS within the same database for maximum return and traceability – all data immediately accessible
  • Real-time return measuring and reporting by means of direct machine link for automatic data capturing – correct and independent data with little effort
  • High-level integration with ERP – close interfacing with SAP
  • More than 10 years of experience within diverse industrial environments

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