About us


Orbitus has been operating as ICT service provider for many years now. We are specialized in shop-floor (MES) and warehouse (WMS) systems.

Our many years of experience in the implementation of ICT optimization projects within planning, production and warehouse departments – that is in close collaboration with diverse managers in diverse sectors – constitute a major asset in terms of no-nonsense approach and result-oriented enthusiasm.

MES and WMS integration is at this moment the ideal tool to adequately follow up and streamline the diverse planning and production processes.

If you are still using Excel files and paper documents on the shop-floor, we can help you optimize your operations and boost your productivity!

Why Orbitus?

  • Unique & efficient graphical planning board – crystal clear and simple
  • Full integration between planning, shop-floor and warehouse – data integration at its best.
  • MES & WMS within the same database for maximum return and traceability – all data immediately accessible
  • Real-time return measuring and reporting by means of direct machine link for automatic data capturing – correct and independent data with little effort
  • High-level integration with ERP – close interfacing with SAP
  • More than 10 years of experience within diverse industrial environments

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