The Component Manager is linked to the planning board and offers you the possibility to manage and reserve the necessary raw materials for your production process. By means of this tool, it is possible to yield a maximum return from the necessary raw materials, based on a better reservation and allocation to the orders. The result also comprises a view on the shortages for full coverage of the needs, and stock allocation up to the lowest level is automatically possible.


  • Dynamic management of Bill-of-Material. In addition to the direct link between raw materials and production to be realized, it is also possible to group certain raw materials in categories, so that the choice of component will be determined in function of the available stock. This is possible with or without integration of an existing ERP system.
  • It is also possible to define diverse variants within the item list. This way, it is possible to achieve the desired result by combining components. Our software engine will search for the best combination in order to achieve maximum coverage of the selected orders. This may have a positive effect on ordering behaviour and working capital.
  • Reservation of raw materials to the various orders. The diverse stocks are allocated in detail to the specific orders. This reservation may be for full stock units or parts thereof. This behaviour may be configured per type of material.
  • Allocation of the lots/carriers (specific stock elements) to these reservations as the final preparation for production. Lists of supplies are the result of this step within the process.
  • Calculation of the shortages and recommendation for purchase (takes into consideration the needs within the orders, present stocks, outstanding quantities on purchasing orders and offers). By means of the link with the planning, all orders are checked and reserved. Where shortages appear, the system will propose to purchase some extra items.
  • Manual adjustments of these automatic reservations are possible in order to counterbalance certain stock problems (damages, losses, …). In order to allow for the managers to take the necessary measures in exceptional cases, one can easily switch over to manual allocation of products and stocks.


Why Orbitus?

  • Unique & efficient graphical planning board – crystal clear and simple
  • Full integration between planning, shop-floor and warehouse – data integration at its best.
  • MES & WMS within the same database for maximum return and traceability – all data immediately accessible
  • Real-time return measuring and reporting by means of direct machine link for automatic data capturing – correct and independent data with little effort
  • High-level integration with ERP – close interfacing with SAP
  • More than 10 years of experience within diverse industrial environments

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