As most of the time one package or solution does not cover the entire company needs, it is necessary to allow for an easy exchange with other systems. Therefore, we offer the necessary services to exchange the required data both from and to ERP (SAP and others). Various objects may be exchanged: materials, purchase orders, stocks, production orders … , so in short we can provide the necessary data within ERP


  • The standard data exchange system includes an XML interface, but data exchange is also possible through TXT or other mechanisms. Such services traditionally have a background operation. By means of our integrated mail system someone can be informed of new data or problems.
  • Our operating method is always fast and direct. Data are buffered only for a very short time, but we guarantee that no data will be lost.
  • We have had some experience with Biztalk in the past.
  • We have lots of existing interfaces with SAP based on .Net connector and idoc through rfc. Idoc types such as materials, purchase orders, picking requests, movement of goods, …
  • Error handling is provided by mail, and also through a central website where people can view the messages that have been sent, the content and the status thereof.
  • In this respect, we state that, where necessary, we can make any adjustments within Orbitus that may be required so as to safeguard the processes within ERP.


Why Orbitus?

  • Unique & efficient graphical planning board – crystal clear and simple
  • Full integration between planning, shop-floor and warehouse – data integration at its best.
  • MES & WMS within the same database for maximum return and traceability – all data immediately accessible
  • Real-time return measuring and reporting by means of direct machine link for automatic data capturing – correct and independent data with little effort
  • High-level integration with ERP – close interfacing with SAP
  • More than 10 years of experience within diverse industrial environments

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