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Different Chemical plants use on a daily basis our Software solutions to be more competitive and to be stronger in it’s own market. De different Solutions make the production and its planning more clear and transparent. It also optimizes the communication between the different departments : Planning, Production, Sales and Management. These company have be more successful to service their customers and so stimulate its growth.” Kurt Maertens, General Manager.

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We don´t need to tell you that a production process is a complex matter. That means you can only produce profitably when you have all the process phases under control, which requires accurate knowledge and information. The right software will streamline and clarify all this information for you. Have a computer do the hard work and save crucial time to produce comfortably, keeping the costs as low as possible. To successfully manage a complex production process, you need a perfect overview of the entire process. Is the process going as planned? Are adjustments in order? In other words, you need a transparent and flexible planning.

Production Leader

As a production leader you want to optimise the use of production machinery and manpower, with a view to increasing productivity and the number of satisfied customers. This requires two types of information: immediate feedback and factual long-term information. At any given time in the production cycle you want to be informed of the efficiency and quality. You need immediate and clear feedback while the production machinery is running.


As a manager, your goal is to make the company grow on a solid basis. Future strategic decisions must be based on the most recent and accurate information. It is also important that this information is readily available. Our software gives you a single centralised tool that enhances your understanding of the working capital and increases your capabilities within the production and logistical departments. Our software offers you the possibility to flexibly anticipate any changes in your environment and thus to achieve a high customer satisfaction.

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